Crucial ideals of sanatana dharma

Sanatana dharma by being dharma is through definition not dogmatic in its ideals or faith. Under is a list of key beliefs which are common across most followers of this dharmic lifestyle.

1. Revealed scriptures 

The vedas are of divine origin. These primordial hymns are the bedrock of sanatana dharma, the everlasting religion.

2. Legal guidelines of karma 

Karma, the law of motive and impact with the aid of which every person creates his personal future by way of his thoughts, phrases, and deeds -- and by way of obeying the legal guidelines of dharma, righteous residing.

3. Dharma

Dharma, translated as religion, righteousness or duty, is a word this is tough to translate in english or another language. It is all that and more.

Four. Reincarnation

The soul reincarnates, evolving through many births till all its karma has been resolved and moksha (liberation from the cycle of rebirth) has been performed. Now not a unmarried soul might be without end disadvantaged of this future.

Five. Temples

Divine beings exist in unseen worlds. Temple worship, rituals, sacraments as well as personal devotion create a communion with those devas, divine beings.

6. A guru 

A spiritually awakened master, or guru, is crucial to understand the transcendent absolute, aided via non-public field, right conduct, purification, pilgrimage, self-inquiry, meditation, and surrender to the guru and the divine scriptures.

7. Ahimsa-noninjury 

All lifestyles is sacred, to be loved and revered; and therefore one is anticipated to exercise ahimsa, or "non-damage"

8. Route

There are many paths that cause salvation. Although the goal is one, the sages call it with the aid of distinct names and approach.

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