Sanatan Dharma – Science Or Belief?

Sanatan Dharma is the ancient system of India’s Hindu society. It’s profoundly among the most ancient and vintage religions in the world that explains religious theology and fundamental longings with humankind.

Sanatan Dharma sets a medley of common practices, rituals, and beliefs of Hindus, often codified as rituals, customs, prayers, worships, and other religious laws. Hindu Dharma (religion) usually frames the tradition of confining cultural and ancestral beliefs, visions, theories, practices, history, mythology, and individual faithfulness and mystic experience. From personal faith to communal rituals – Sanatan Dharma communicates everything emanating from shared conviction. It’s instead a group of principles or a system of faith and zeal.

Let’s see if Sanatan Dharma is purely a sentiment or has specific scientific explanations.

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