Prasada—its sacredness and glory

Prasada is that which offers peace. Prasada is the sacred food imparted of the lord. In the course of kirtan, worship,

Puja, havan, and arati, the devotee offer sweet rice, end result, jaggery, milk, coconut, plantain, and such different articles to the lord, according to his capacity. After providing them to the lord, they're shared between the individuals of the residence or the bhaktas in a temple.

Water, flowers, rice, and so forth., are provided to the lord in worship. This denotes that the lord is thrilled with even the smallest imparting. What is wanted is the coronary heart of the devotee. The Lord says inside the Gita: “param pushpam phalam team yo me bhaktya prayacchati; tadaham bhaktyupahritamasnami prayatatmanah—whoever gives a leaf, a flower, a fruit or maybe water, with devotion, thatit been was given, presented as it's miles with a loving heart.” it isn't always necessary that one have to offer gold, silver and highly-priced get dressed to the lord. The devotee gives these in keeping with his ability and function in lifestyles, thereby denoting that the whole wealth of the arena belongs to the lord. A wealthy guy offers luxurious things to the lord. He feeds the terrible and serves the sick, seeing the lord in his fellow-rings. Puja is executed with bael leaves, flora, Tulasii, vibhand and,, those are given as prasada Prasadae lord. Vibhuti is the prasadPrasadard siva. It's miles to be carried out at the forehead. A small portion may be taken in. Kumkuma is the prasada of sri devi or sakti. It's far to be applied to the space among the eyebrows (ajna oAjnarumadhya). Tulasi is the prasada of lord vishnu, rama or krishna. It's miles to be taken in. They're charged with mysterious powers via the chanting of mantras throughout puja and havan.

The intellectual bhava of the devotee offering bhog to the lord has a totally superb impact. If an ardent devotee of the lord offers anything to the lord, that prasada, if taken, might convey very top notch change even inside the minds of atheists. The grace of the lord descends through prasada. Undergo the lifestyles of narada. You'll realise the greatness of the sacred leavings of the lord as well as those of advanced sadhakas and saints.

Namadeva provided rice, and so forth., to panduranga vitthala and he ate the meals and shared it with namadeva as properly. If the meals is obtainable with a craving heart, once in a while, the lord takes that food assuming a physical form. In different instances, the lord enjoys the diffused essence of the food supplied, and the meals remains as it is within the form of prasada. Whilst feeding mahatmas and the bad human beings, that that is left in the back of is taken as prasada. Whilst a sacrifice is completed, the participants share the prasada which bestows the benefits of the gods. While dasaratha done putrakameshti (a sacrifice completed wishing for son), he got a vessel full of sweetened rice which he gave to his queens, through taking which they have become pregnant. Prasada is the most sacred object for a devotee. One must remember himself fortunate to take the prasada, and there may be no limit of any type in taking prasada. Time and area, and the circumstance wherein one is located—all these do no longer have an effect on him in any way. Prasada is all-purifying.

The blessings of prasada and charanamrita are beyond description. They have got the electricity to change absolutely the outlook of a man’s existence. Prasada and charanamrita have the strength to cure illnesses and even convey lower back to existence dead humans. There were ever so many instances within the past on this holy land of ours which bear witness to the efficiency and efficacy of prasada. Prasada destroys all pains and sins. It's miles an antidote for misery, pain, and tension. Faith is an essential aspect in testing the accuracy of this announcement. For faithless men and women, it brings little or no effect.

People who are introduced up in contemporary education and way of life have forgotten all approximately the dignity of prasada. Many english-educated folks do no longer attach any importance to prasada when they get it from mahatmas. This is a severe mistake. Prasada is a outstanding cleanser. As they're brought up in the western style of dwelling, they have imbibed the spirit of westerners and forgotten the spirit of the real kids of indian rishis of yore. Stay for every week in vrindavana or ayodhya or varanasi or pandharpur. You will recognise the consideration and the staggering consequences of prasada. Many incurable illnesses are cured. Many honest devotional aspirants get exquisite spiritual studies from mere prasada by myself. Prasada is a panacea. Prasada is a non secular elixir. Prasada is the grace of the lord. Prasada is a cure-all and an excellent pick out-me-up. Prasada is an embodiment of sakti. Prasada is divinity in manifestation. Prasada energizes, vivifies, invigorates and infuses devotion. It have to be concerned with fantastic faith.

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