Glimpse of Amarnath Cave: Devotees Share First Pictures of Massive Shivling Before Official Yatra

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The annual Amarnath Yatra, which attracts millions of pilgrims, is scheduled to take place during the Shravani Mela in July-August. However, ahead of the official yatra, a group of devotees claims to have visited the holy Amarnath cave in late April. They have shared exclusive pictures of the cave and the giant Shivling within it, showcasing the current conditions at the site.

Early Visit and Astonishing Sight:

According to the devotees, who consider themselves the first pilgrims of the year, a group of eight individuals visited the Amarnath shrine from April 20 to 25. They reported that the size of the Shivling this year is remarkably large, and the path to the cave still has 10-15 feet of snow. The shared images, believed to have been taken four days prior, offer a glimpse into the cave's mystical surroundings.

Official Confirmation Awaited:

While these devotees claim to have undertaken the yatra, it is important to note that officials from the Shri Amarnathji Shrine Board (SASB), responsible for managing the yatra, are yet to visit the cave. At present, there has been no official confirmation regarding the visit by these early pilgrims.

Insights into the Amarnath Yatra:

The 46-day yatra is scheduled to commence on July 1, coinciding with 'Masik Shivratri', and conclude on August 15, coinciding with 'Shravan Purnima' and 'Raksha Bandhan'. The traditional Pahalgam track in Anantnag district and the shorter Baltal track in Ganderbal district are the two routes for the pilgrimage.

Yatra Registration and Guidelines:

Yatra registration began on April 2 through designated branches of Punjab National Bank, Jammu and Kashmir Bank, and YES Bank located across 32 states and union territories. In a pilot initiative, the SASB has approved online registration for a limited number of pilgrims each day. The board has set a limit of 7,500 Yatris per day on each route (excluding those traveling by helicopter). However, certain groups, such as children under 13 years old, individuals above 75 years old, and pregnant women beyond six weeks, are not eligible for registration.

Preparation and Awareness:

Officials have advised intending pilgrims to be mindful of the challenging climate and terrain in the high-altitude region of the yatra. They have emphasized the importance of proper preparation before embarking on the pilgrimage, ensuring the safety and well-being of the participants.


As the Amarnath Yatra approaches, the early visit by these devotees and the shared pictures of the Amarnath cave and the giant Shivling have generated excitement and anticipation. While awaiting official confirmation, these glimpses offer a captivating preview of the mystical journey that lies ahead for the pilgrims undertaking the sacred Amarnath Yatra.

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