Laxmi Puja | How to perform Laxmi Puja At Home

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The jubilee of Diwali brings with it a long list of events, fests, pujas, and rituals. The central highlight of Diwali is inviting substance into homes and businesses by performing Lakshmi puja. Laxmi is the goddess of wealth and the consort of Lord Vishnu. The appearance of Laxmi during the Diwali fests lights up homes with stopgap, auspiciousness, wealth, and positive development. Hence Diwali is psychologically stimulating and recharging for people. Then's a simple procedure for doing Laxmi puja at home. 


Before the launch of Laxmi puja, clean your home completely and embellish it. On the day of Laxmi puja, take a bath, and sprinkle Ganga Jal throughout your home and on the members of the ménage as a mark of the sanctification ritual.

Set up the puja balcony 

Place a table or platform or a tripod stand and spread a red cloth over it. Place some grains in the center and draw a lotus in the center of the grains with turmeric grease paint. Place an image of Laxmi, Ganesh and on the grains spread on the pedestal. 

Install a Kalash 

Fill a tableware or bobby pot with three-fourths of water. Place some coins, betel nut, raisins, clove, dry fruits, and cardamom inside the pot. Place a bunch of mango leaves in the pot arranging the leaves in an indirect fashion. Place a coconut on the pot to finish the setup. Place the Kalash on the pedestal along with the icons and embellish it with sindhoor and flowers. 

Holy bath and puja to the icons

Give a holy bath to the icons of Laxmi and Ganesh with pure water, panchamrit ( fruit salad in honey), sandal water, rose water and pure water to complete the cycle. embellish the icons with turmeric grease paint, sandal paste, and sindhoor. embellish the icons with flowers and libraries. 

Puja and immolations 

Light the beacon and incense sticks. Start the puja with Ganesh's deification. also, worship Laxmi. Chant the mantras for both the divinities and place the immolations in front of the divinities. Some of the important immolations for Laxmi puja include badasha, laddoos, betel leaves and nuts, dry fruits, coconut, sweets, dishes made in the home kitchen, some coins and others. Offer flowers in front of the icons accompanied by the changing of mantras. 

Read the story of Laxmi

Listening to the story of Laxmi is an important part of the Laxmi puja. Let a senior member or an interested levy read the story of Laxmi. Others must hear the story in rapt attention with devotion. At the end of the story session, let all the members offer flowers at the bases of the divinities. The storyteller will get a gift of a gray coin, sweets, and some presents.

Conclude the Laxmi puja

Sing the arati song of goddess Laxmi and gesture the camphor light in front of the icons and kalash. Say the prayers for the substance and weal of the home and supplicate for the world too. Circumnavigate the balcony and prostrate in front of the divinities. Distribute the puja Prasad among the attendees. You can also enjoy a special mess with your family and guests by starting with the sweets attained as Prasad. 

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