Memoir of a Peace Runner in the Himalayas


Wow!! Where do we start!!!

The last 12 days have been a real journey of new experiences, meeting so many people with the Peace Run, and seeing the Himalayas in all their majesty. 

10 of us started out on this journey, and now it is all over, it feels like our team grew to hundreds!!! We met so many incredible people who just LOVED the Peace Run! From climbers to locals to sherpas to travelers.

We started trekking from Lucla for Base Camp, which was the first goal: to reach 5400 metres healthy!! 

The marathon from Base Camp back down was the second goal but still not yet a reality as we had no idea if we were even going to make Base Camp.

Along the way we had amazing manifestation opportunities organised by our indomitable Sweta.

Peace Tree planting, Peace Mountain plaque at Base camp, torch Bearer awards to the Hillary family, many schools and many enthusiastic people along the track.

We reached Base Camp on 27 May. It was surreal, amazing, actually out.

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