Guru's Blessings: Signs of Grace You Might Be Missing

In the gentle hum of life, there exists a subtle melody, much like the unobtrusive background music in a hotel lobby or the constant buzz of a machine in your home. Have you ever paused to notice these melodies that persist in the fabric of your existence? Most likely, you haven't. They fade into the tapestry of your daily life, becoming almost imperceptible. Much like the hand of the divine, they are always there, always on, yet rarely acknowledged.

Picture this: you enter your house, and only then do you realize the subtle hum that envelops you. It was there all along, but your awareness was elsewhere. The divine presence is akin to this continuous hum, always present, always guiding, yet often overlooked. It is the essence of life itself, an eternal force that shapes our destinies.

Yet, amidst this constant presence, a peculiar irony emerges. The divine's perpetual existence in our lives is precisely why we tend to miss it. It becomes so ingrained, so constant, that we forget to acknowledge it consciously. The divine's grace, much like the ever-present music or the unnoticed buzz, is omnipresent. It is in every breath, every heartbeat, and every moment that life unfolds before us.

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Sadhguru gently reminds us that the divine's grace is not a sporadic occurrence; it doesn't switch on and off like a light bulb. It doesn't wait for us to recognize it; it simply is, and always will be. So, why does it matter if we are conscious of this grace? Because in acknowledging it, we find the joy of being in grace.
However, there's a caveat that Sadhguru lovingly shares: the divine grace is not about fulfilling our transient plans or desires. It's not a wish-granting factory where we present our desires, hoping for them to be fulfilled. No, the divine's grace is about fulfilling life's grand plan for us. It is about aligning our existence with the greater purpose of life itself.

In essence, our individual plans, like the ever-changing winds, are minuscule in the grand scheme of life's design. The divine's grace works tirelessly to guide us towards a fulfillment that goes beyond the scope of our limited understanding. It beckons us to let go of our fleeting desires and surrender to the magnificent orchestration of existence.

So, in the symphony of life, amid the melodies of existence, let us be mindful of the divine grace that surrounds us. Let us attune our hearts to its subtle vibrations, acknowledging its presence not to fulfill our plans but to embrace life's divine plan for us. For in this conscious awareness, we find not just grace but the profound joy of being alive, being in grace.

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