What is the best blessing for clan boss raid?

What is the best blessing for clan boss raid?Can you change blessings in raid?How much damage does brimstone do to clan boss?How does phantom touch work raid shadow legends?

In the famous scripture Vivekacūḍāmaṇi, Śrī Śaṅkarācārya speaks of three blessings that are considered rare and are bestowed only through God's grace. These blessings are: (1) a human birth, (2) an intense desire for spiritual liberation, and (3) the guidance of an enlightened soul. This article explores the significance of these blessings and highlights the importance of recognizing and utilizing them on the spiritual path.

The Rarity of Human Birth:
The first blessing we possess is a human birth. Considering the vast number of species on Earth, being born as a human is a rare and precious opportunity. While other forms of existence exist, our human-centric perspective perceives this birth as superior. This viewpoint is reinforced by religious texts and resonates with our emotional understanding of life.

The Intense Desire for Spiritual Liberation:
Beyond mortal birth, what is even rarer is the profound longing for liberation from material attachments. Among the billions of human beings, only a small minority possess such a deep yearning. As spiritual seekers, we can identify this craving within ourselves. The intensity may vary, but having this desire is itself a result of divine grace. Without a genuine longing for spiritual freedom (mokṣa), the attainment of it becomes elusive, akin to not desiring food when not hungry.

The Guidance of an Enlightened Soul:
In addition to a human birth and the intense desire for liberation, having the guidance of an enlightened soul is a crucial blessing. We may not always realize the privilege of having access to genuine spiritual guidance. While the internet and books have made it more accessible, as Swami Vivekananda emphasized, the impetus for awakening in spiritual life can only come from another soul. This guidance plays a vital role in helping us navigate the spiritual path and reach our ultimate goal.

Utilizing the Rare Blessings:
These three blessings—mortal birth, the craving for spiritual freedom, and the guidance of an enlightened soul—are bestowed upon us through divine grace. However, if we fail to recognize and utilize them, we do ourselves more harm than someone who commits self-destruction. It is essential to be conscious of the blessings we have received and not take them for granted.

Embracing Grace on the Spiritual Path:
On the other hand, when we utilize these blessings to the best of our abilities, regardless of any apparent shortcomings, we experience an unseen power that uplifts and guides us toward spiritual fulfillment. This power is grace. Its arrival is unknown, its timing uncertain, and its workings mysterious. However, it manifests when we approach spiritual life sincerely, with dedication and a willingness to strive for the ultimate goal.

The teachings of Vivekacūḍāmaṇi remind us of the rare blessings we have received through divine grace—a human birth, a deep longing for spiritual liberation, and the guidance of an enlightened soul. By recognizing and utilizing these blessings, we can embark on a transformative spiritual journey. May we appreciate these gifts, embrace grace, and make the most of our spiritual lives, ultimately attaining the ultimate purpose of life.

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