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The Enchanted Encounter: A Father's Love

Once upon a time, a young boy was engrossed in play with his father on a sandy beach. Together, they were constructing an impressive sandcastle. Suddenly, a peculiar object caught the boy's attention, and he eagerly dashed towards it. Strangely, the closer he approached, the further the object seemed to retreat. No matter how fast he ran, the elusive item always stayed just out of reach.

After a while, exhausted and disheartened, the boy halted his pursuit. Recalling his father's presence, he turned around and was astounded by the distance he had covered. To his dismay, there was nothing where they had been building their magnificent sandcastle—no fortress and, even more distressing, no father.

Overwhelmed with sorrow, tears streamed down the boy's face as he cried out, "Father, father! Where are you? Where are you?"

Only the sound of the waves responded in a language incomprehensible to anyone. As the sun slowly descended, darkness engulfed the beach. The boy felt lost, not knowing where to turn. There was not a soul in sight. "Where is my father? Why did he leave me all alone? Where has he vanished?" Gradually, weariness overcame him, and he lay down on the sand, succumbing to sleep.

Before long, a gentle touch awakened him. Someone tapped his shoulder kindly. He looked up, squinting into the darkness, and there stood an imposing figure—an elderly man with a long beard and radiant eyes. The old man reached out, taking the boy's hand in his own, and softly uttered, "Come, child, come. Don't you want to find your father? Come, come."

The boy felt drawn to this person. There was an indescribable allure about him. Was it the sparkle in his eyes? His warm and affectionate smile? The aura of tranquility and joy that enveloped him?

"Will you truly lead me to my father?" the boy inquired, even though he had already begun following the old man.

The man remained silent, but his assuring smile conveyed all the answers the boy needed. With their hands intertwined, they embarked on what felt like an interminable journey. Then, in an instant, the boy found himself standing at the doorstep of his home. Filled with excitement, he knocked loudly on the door. To his immense delight, his father opened it, standing there before him.

"Father, father, I am here!" the boy exclaimed with joy. His father scooped him up into his arms and showered him with affectionate kisses.

Strangely, the old man was nowhere to be seen. Even more bewildering was the fact that the boy felt no longing to search for him. In that moment, the boy discovered something profound. As soon as he saw his father, he recognized that his father himself had come disguised as the old man. It was all part of a game his father had orchestrated to create a sense of wonder and love for his child.

As the great sage Sri Ramakrishna once said, "God himself comes to us disguised as our guru."

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