Krishna | the Stealer

 Through captivating testimonies, songs, and anecdotes, the child krishna is depicted as a stealer of butter. His character is so endearingly cute and it is so smooth to fall in love with him that he is also often known as a stealer of hearts.

Perhaps the two matters he steals--butter and coronary heart--are related?

Tulsidās says that the coronary heart of a saint is like butter: it melts with the aid of the heat of pain and struggling. In truth, he says, it's far even higher than butter. Butter melts most effective while it's miles heated, but the heart of a saint melts with compassion at merely seeing the struggling and ache of others.

Krishna steals best a saintly heart, which is full of compassion, understanding, and selflessness. A selfish, merciless coronary heart is safe from krishna’s arms.

Krishna, come scouse borrow my heart. Appearance my door is open!

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