Vrindaban in northern india abounds in temples committed to sri krishna and sri radha. One of the famous temples there—arguably the most well-known—is that of banke-bihari, wherein  worship is offered to the kid krishna. This temple has one precise function: no devotee will have an uninterrupted darśan of the deity there. A curtain setting apart the deity from the devotees is constantly drawn and opened and drawn again, so no one can see the deity with out being interrupted. The procedure of beginning and drawing the curtain is repeated throughout the day. 

What's the cause at the back of this association, now known as jhāṅki-darśan, the opportunity to have handiest a brief glimpse of the deity? The ostensible reason is that the divine child desires to be protected from the evil eye (nazar). Another regularly stated reason is that the devotees may additionally fall unconscious if they stared too long on the effective eyes of the deity. However there nicely is probably an altogether exclusive purpose for the jhāṅki-darśan at the temple.

A story is informed of why this type of ordinary exercise became followed by using the monks some years after the temple became built in 1864. We study an orphan female in vrindaban who offered flower garlands to devotees and pilgrims that came to worship at the banke-bihari temple. Seeing her lovely garlands, the monks contracted her to supply ten garlands every day for the worship at the temple.

The lady become deeply dedicated to krishna. As often as she ought to, she might run inside the temple and gaze lovingly at her lord, who sat regally on a embellished altar, adorned with the garlands she had made with her personal little arms. One in every of her goals became to go close to her lord and garland him herself. But best the monks had been allowed to try this, and every body had to stand at a distance and watch the monks worship the lord on their behalf. No person else was allowed inside the sanctum.

However the girl persevered to cherish in her coronary heart the wish that by hook or by crook some day her dream could be fulfilled. Besides the ten garlands she turned into required to deliver every day to the temple, she made a further garland everyday as her non-public offering and sent it in at the side of the 10. Her wish was that the priests could be aware the more garland and, once they requested her about it, she would inform them approximately her choice to garland the lord herself and possibly they might let her do it. 

Lamentably, the monks never clearly cared to count number the garlands they obtained. The times, weeks and months passed and no one noticed the woman’s humble presenting. She turned into dissatisfied. She ought to forgive the clergymen for not noticing her extra garland. They have been human, in any case. Carelessness was an comprehensible human failing. 

But what approximately the lord? Had he too didn't see her silent supplying? He who knows the whole thing, he with out whose will now not even a blade of grass can flow—why turned into he silent? Couldn’t he make the clergymen notice it? How should krishna be so heartless? Doesn’t he recognize the intense, mystery desire of my coronary heart? Can he not satisfy it?—such questions and doubts started to rumble in her head. 

She could no longer deal with her work. With a heavy coronary heart and a sudden impulse, she walked into the temple someday and stood in a corner, pouring out the silent affliction of her heart as she gazed at the lovable lord, who sat on the altar with a divinely majestic look. Tears crammed her eyes. She could not see the multitude of the devotees who stood praying to her lord. She couldn't pay attention the jubilant cries of “jai bānke-bihāri-lāl ki jai!” the world disappeared into nothingness. Most effective her lord and he or she remained. “why? Why, o lord? Am i not worthy of your love?” her coronary heart cried out.

Then some thing extraordinary came about. She felt a pat on her head. She seemed round. Nobody turned into nearby. She changed into stressed. She heard a playful, sweet laughter. Then she understood. “yes, my lord is right here. This sound cannot be human,” she said to herself.

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“you are in reality right, my pricey,” a voice stated. It appeared to return no longer from outdoor, however someplace deep down from her heart. The voice persevered: “do you in reality suppose that i don’t realize of your love and devotion for me? Do you trust that i didn’t notice the special garland you organized for me everyday? I want you to return and garland me together with your personal lovely palms.”

“is there whatever not possible for you? You can have without problems fulfilled my coronary heart’s preference lengthy in the past.”

“if i should, i genuinely could have, my infant. However i've infrequently any freedom right here.”

“you're kidding!” she stated incredulously.

“no, i'm now not. The clergymen decide the entirety for me. It is they who pick out when I should devour, after I should sleep, once I ought to meet the devotees. They pick the garlands for me. They choose my clothes. They select my food. I don't have any say in any respect. Inform me, how should i have you garland me your self underneath those circumstances?”

The female shook her head. “i don’t apprehend all this. All i recognize is that you are the ultimate being. Even the sun, the moon and the celebrities flow in obedience to your will. You can make the impossible feasible.”

Krishna seemed to lower his voice as he stated this: “there may be a manner out, of route. Why don’t you come back to me at night time after the temple is closed? The clergymen could have long past domestic by way of then and there won’t be any difficulty.”

“however the temple doors could be locked,” she said.

“that’s no longer a hassle,” krishna said. “i'll contend with that. It’s settled then. Tonight at 10:00, simply push the door and it will open.”

Before the girl should say some thing more, she felt another pleasant pat on her head. She looked at her lord on the altar. She saw a smile on his face.

Later that night, she made her manner to the temple, cautiously selecting up her basket containing a pair of exquisitely prepared garlands of sparkling flora, sandalwood paste, tulasi leaves, and the sweet delicacies she had organized with splendid care. She was at the door at 10:00 sharp. No one become about, however she cautiously seemed in all guidelines every so often to make sure that nobody turned into following her. The temple stood silent, protected by darkness. 

A surprising fear seized her heart. Would the door without a doubt open on its very own? Or had she just been an innovative fool in questioning that the lord had absolutely invited her? With a thumping heart, she touched the door and gave it a slight push. Surprise of wonders! The massive door opened as if it turned into just watching for her arrival. She slowly made her manner inner, for it was all darkish. However she knew the region well and knew where to head. The door to the lord’s room additionally opened as comfortably as the outer door had completed.

“lord, i have come. Where are you?” she asked in a hushed voice.

“ah, right here you're at closing!” stated the lord. “ever because the monks positioned me to bed and went away, i have been anticipating you.”

“i'm able to’t see whatever. It’s too darkish. Shall i light the lamp i've added with me?” she requested.

“no! If even a streak of light escapes thru those home windows and a person sees it, we will be in problem. Appearance, the best component might be to visit your property. There we will be loose from all care, and there you can worship me for your coronary heart’s content,” the lord whispered.

“wouldn’t it's even extra risky for us both to head there? What if someone meets us on the manner?” she requested, bewildered.

“i’ll take care of that,” the lord said, assuringly. “you lead the manner. I shall observe.”

With the basket in one hand and a lamp within the different, the lady came out of the temple. The lord followed her. Carefully final the door behind them, the 2 proceeded at a brisk pace. The girl’s residence changed into close by and they reached it very soon. As soon as inside the residence, the lord advised her, “latch the door firmly from internal and near all of the home windows.” he sat on her mattress and waited. “come along now, dear,” he said lovingly. 

The lady washed her palms with yamuna’s water and also sprinkled it all around the room. Then she picked up the garland and approached her lord with sluggish steps. Her coronary heart beat speedy, her face glowed with pleasure. At final her dream become approximately to come to be a truth. After setting the garland spherical his neck, she bent down and washed his toes in a bowl and decorated them with sandalpaste and flora. She offered him the candy cuisine she had prepared. 

Too excited by this time to speak to him, she commenced to shed tears of pleasure. “lord! O lord! You are certainly the sea of mercy. You had compassion on an undeserving creature like me. I used to sense that, due to the fact i'm an orphan, i had no person inside the international. These days i'm able to say with all conviction that i have anybody. You're my father, you are my mother, you are my buddy, you're my the whole thing, o lord!” the lord sat there with a sweet smile illuminating his effulgent face. “gained’t you sing some bhajans?” he requested her. “i enjoy songs when they may be sung with religion and devotion. Won’t you sing for me?” the girl nodded and took her one-stringed instrument that hung in a nook of the room. 

Just as she changed into approximately to begin, the lord remembered something. He stated, “i nearly forgot to inform you. Look, i ought to be back within the temple before 7:00 within the morning. This is whilst the priests come. I'm quite forgetful. Particularly while i'm within the organisation of devotees such as you, i just lose all sense of time. Please hold an eye fixed at the clock.” the girl nodded and said, “i shall attempt, my lord.” the lord smiled and said, “come alongside. I'm stressful to listen you sing.” she commenced making a song. Now after which the lord too joined in. She requested him the questions and doubts that had beset her heart during her devotional practices. The lord replied all her queries and taught her the sacred truths of the internal life.

Time stood nonetheless within the room, however outdoor it moved on with its commonplace pace. The lord and his young devotee had been too preoccupied to notice the ticking away of the clock. The darkness of the night melted away because the eastern sky glowed with the growing solar. All of a unexpected they heard frantic knocking at the door. “who—who is it?” the girl asked, as she hurriedly glanced on the clock. It was beyond 7:00. Her heart overlooked a beat. She regarded faded and wan at the lord. The knocks at the door became louder and shouts might be heard: “open the door right now. Else we’ll wreck in.”

“it’s the clergymen!” the lord whispered. “go quick and open the door. I shall hide myself.” the female did no longer recognize what to do. Almost robotically she obeyed his command. Whilst she opened the door, three burly men—all monks on the temple—barged in. “where’s the photograph?” they asked her.

“we went to the temple as standard and discovered the photo lacking. Thankfully we discovered footprints outside the temple, and right here we are. Come on, now, where have you ever hidden the photograph?”

The female stood there, not able to say a word. The monks driven her apart and made the oil lamp brighter to search for the picture themselves. They did now not should search in any respect—for, there on the bed, reclining against a pillow, stood the photograph of sri banke-bihari.

“ahh—ha!” they exclaimed as they caught the female by using her hair and dragged her to the mattress. Pointing on the image, they asked her, “are you able to explain this?”

“he got here on his very own. I've now not stolen him. He requested me to return at night time and he walked all of the manner with me here. He talked with me the entire night and we sang collectively.”

“close up, you liar!” shouted the top-priest. “don’t waste our time with this fairytale.” turning to his partners, he requested satirically, “any of you heard of an photograph that walks, talks and sings? I've been worshiping this photograph for greater than two decades and it has not spoken a word even once, what to talk of strolling and singing!”

“agree with me, sir, he did talk to me and sing with me. Why must i steal him? He got here on his own,” the lady pleaded. She rushed toward the mattress and fell at the toes of sri banke-bihari. Sobbing she stated to him, “o lord, why have you hidden yourself on this photo? Please show your self and tell those people that i'm telling the fact. Please, o lord, please reveal your genuine form. These humans say that i'm a liar, i'm a thief. Please inform them that they may be incorrect.” but sri banke-bihari remained silent.

The head-priest and his companions appeared on dumbfounded. Never before in their lives had they come upon a scenario so difficult, so complicated. There was no mistaking the woman’s sincerity and earnestness. Even the head-priest found out that the female was telling the reality. But there was no time to waste. The picture needed to be rushed lower back to the temple before its absence from the altar became recognised to all. 

For fear of public scandal the priests did no longer tell the police, and those in vrindaban remained inside the dark approximately all these happenings. Conferring amongst themselves, the clergymen decided that the nice direction become to take the image lower back to the temple without a whole lot ado and act as though not anything uncommon had happened. A few excuse can be located, they idea, if human beings enquired why the temple didn’t open on time that day. However by no means have to this tale of the lord’s disappearance at night time leak out. 

They quick grabbed the picture, included it with a fabric, and hurried returned to the temple. Earlier than leaving, the head-priest known as the woman closer and ordered her to depart. “p.C. Your things and go to a much off region,” he stated and, looking menacingly in her eyes, he continued, “and don’t ever go back. Otherwise you'll need to spend the relaxation of your existence in the back of bars!” the female turned into terrified. She fast picked up her few belongings and walked away and become not heard of again.

The identical afternoon the monks held a exclusive assembly. It had end up clean to them that the lady had no longer stolen the image. How should she? The image become pretty heavy and it turned into physically not possible for her to boost it and convey it all of the manner to her house. Except, she had not even attempted to hide it, for that they had found the photo at the bed, right in front of them. No, the girl became not a thief.

“it’s past belief but i am satisfied,” the head-priest said, “that the lord did certainly pass there with the aid of his own will. I've seen how devoted the little woman become to our lord. We do read in our scriptures, don’t we, how god is ever compassionate to his devotees. My thoughts tells me that the lord need to have heard her prayers and, seeing her actual devotion, have to have determined to shower his grace on her by means of going to her residence.”

“i nonetheless discover it difficult to trust,” every other priest stated. “however what you are saying appears to be the most effective possible issue that would have took place.”

“fortuitously,” the pinnacle-priest persevered, “the female’s domestic turned into nearby and we were capable of get better the photo with out anybody knowing about it. But suppose—” and he decreased his voice and leaned nearer as he said, “suppose a few devotee from some a long way off area prays to our lord, and suppose the lord over again melts with compassion and goes away with them, what shall we do? It would be not possible for us to hint his whereabouts!”

There has been silence inside the room. The proposition was quite alarming. Changed into there any manner  to save you the lord from being so gracious and so compassionate? After a lot discussion, they worked out a plan. The lord feels compassion, they concluded, due to the fact devotees spend hours praying to him and searching for his grace. When he sees their faith, their earnestness, their devotion, he loves them even extra and is ready to do something for them. The handiest way to save you that is to no longer allow the lord to look the devotees for a long time at a stretch.

“in the front of the altar, let us have a curtain which we can open and close every now and then. The lord might be able to see the large crowd of devotees status before him, supplicating him with their prayers and worship, but before he can single out any unique character for closer commentary, the curtain will be drawn,” the top-priest stated to his colleagues. “how do you like the concept?”

“first rate! First-rate!” they stated, approving the plan heartily. The very next day a curtain become located in front of the altar, and for that reason started the uncommon practice of jhāṅki-darśan, denying devotees the opportunity of an uninterrupted darśan. The exercise continues to this day.

We don’t really want to visit vrindaban to enjoy jhāṅki-darśan for ourselves. If we appearance inside, we are able to find it proper here, proper now.

As spiritual seekers we can also discover the jhāṅki-darśan happening in our personal hearts every time we sit down down for prayer or meditation. In the starting, the curtain is closed. However a time does come whilst it opens, although for a completely short time, barely enough for a glimpse. On every occasion the curtain opens, we're capable of behold the lord inside the coronary heart—ever shining, pure and effulgent. We're flooded with divine grace and experience an indescribable joy and energy within us. The imaginative and prescient won't constantly be clear. To start with it is usually hazy and lasts for a brief time. However, it fills the heart with joy and encourages us to pursue our spiritual practices with extra enthusiasm. 

Quickly the curtain closes, however, and darkness reigns. The imaginative and prescient of the lord disappears. There's no knowing while the curtain will open again. It would take days, months, even years. Doubts come. The thoughts vacillates. Braveness fails. The religious war turns into more fierce, from time to time frustrating. People who can not persevere lose all hope and give up the conflict. Their development stops. However folks that are daring, the courageous ones, those who don’t give up effortlessly, refuse to be cowed down. Success or failure, they are saying, they received’t forestall attempting. It is of their hearts that the curtain opens once more, they see the smiling face of the lord, which replenishes their pleasure and strength.

The devotee’s coronary heart is the lord’s domestic—his “drawing room,” as sri ramakrishna preferred to call it. All our religious efforts are in reality intended to convey the lord home. What's necessary is a pure coronary heart, selfless devotion, and severe craving for god—the traits that introduced sri banke-bihari to the house of his simple and earnest devotee. 

The jhāṅki-darśan maintains inside the lives of all non secular seekers. What adjustments is the length between the openings of the curtain. One degree of progress in our meditation practice is that, with the passage of time, the interruptions grow to be fewer: the curtain appears to close best every now and then and that too for a short time. When we are absolutely illumined, the curtain is eliminated once and for all. We stand within the presence of the lord for ever. That is whilst we recognise that we have succeeded in bringing the lord domestic. There may be no more jhāṅki-darśan when the lord comes home. From then on, it’s nitya-darśan.

As we behold the lord, we are engulfed in his divine presence. In that mild of all lights, “the heart” disappears, the “i” disappears, even “the lord” disappears. What remains is who i really am and feature usually been. The dream is over.

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