What is the bathing of the deity in milk and water?

What is the bathing of the deity in milk and water? How do you bathe Murti?What is the bath in Hindu religion?Who is the god of water in Hinduism?

When I was offering the ritual bathing water( snāna) during the deification some time agone

 , a study came to my mind. Water can be seen as representing matter( since its eventuality is linked with one of the five primitive rudiments) and the immolation of snāna, besides being water for bathing, represents also a material jacket to cover the Spiritual Being, who's of the nature of pure knowledge. Only when clothed in matter can God come palpable and accessible to the mortal mind and senses. 


 Let proponents and theologians worry about whether similar material- covering is real or projected. What's inarguable — since it's a matter of direct experience is that the worshiper is suitable to establish instant connection with God with similar creative thinking. Once that connection is established, everything additional automatically becomes secondary. 

Thich Nhat Hanh, the well- known Buddhist monk, has frequently said that doing the dishes can be an pleasurable task( and not a mundane chore to be endured ever) if one wetlands each dish mindfully, allowing that one is, in fact, bathing a baby Buddha. 


 Creative thinking leads to palpable results. 

                                                      Source:Vedanta society,Wikipedia

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