Finding Strength and Inspiration in the Divine Mother's Embrace

                              Finding Strength and Inspiration in the Divine Mother's Embrace


Not having a mother can evoke a deep sense of longing and curiosity. Why is a mother called a mother? And can we find solace and guidance in the universal concept of motherhood? On Mother's Day, our thoughts naturally turn to our own mothers and mother figures. In the realm of Ramakrishna circles, a beloved figure emerges, known as the Holy Mother, Sarada Devi. Her words resonate powerfully: "I can't contain myself when one draws near me and calls me mama." 

A Divine Calling Across Continents:

Over two decades ago, I was entrusted by my monastic elders to aid in the Vedanta work in Boston, Massachusetts, leaving behind the shores of Chennai. It was during this journey that I encountered a sheltered professor who depicted a grim picture of life in the West, foretelling a bleak future ahead. Yet, I smiled, drawing strength from Holy Mother's teachings. The power to smile in the face of such distressing predictions emanated from her divine presence.

A Worldwide Beacon of Strength:

Today, countless individuals around the globe bravely confront life's challenges and find happiness, all thanks to a radiant force ignited in the humble village of Jayrambati in 19th-century India. Holy Mother's influence surpasses gender-based notions and inspires courage, boldness, enterprise, and determination in both men and women. It is time to transcend these outdated concepts and perceive each person as a mortal being with the potential for divine greatness.

Discovering the Strength Within:

As humans, we must confront life's trials with bravery, and Holy Mother serves as our guiding light. Through mindful study of her life and deep meditation, we witness an extraordinarily resilient mortal, brimming with confidence, unwavering faith in herself and her ideals, and absolute certainty in every moment of her existence. Moreover, she instills in us the belief that we too can emulate her remarkable qualities. This transformation occurs when we truly become her children, heeding her desires and becoming obedient in her divine cause.

Becoming Her True Child:

Becoming Holy Mother's true child is a simple yet profound process — by aligning ourselves with her aspirations and becoming obedient to her divine will. Obedience, when placed in the right hands, yields only virtuous results. There is no peril in becoming an obedient child of Holy Mother; rather, we gain everything while relinquishing our ignorance, bondage, and fear. Those who are touched by Ramakrishna's wisdom and radiance are Holy Mother's children, for she is the nurturing force that powers, preserves, and guides the tradition.

A Story of Sacrifice and Devotion:

The Ramakrishna tradition embodies a tale of sacrifice, courage, faith, loyalty, devotion, and unwavering determination. It is the story of Holy Mother's children, fortified by her comforting assurance: "Don't worry, my child. Always remember that the Master (Sri Ramakrishna) is behind you. I am also with you. As long as you remember me, your mama, why should you be afraid? Whoever comes, whoever is my child, is already redeemed. Fate cannot cast my children into hell. Free yourself from anxiety by entrusting your future to me. Never worry. Whenever you are in distress, just say to yourself, 'I have a mama.'"

Embracing the Divine Mantra:

"I have a mama" is not just a mantra for those in distress; it resonates with all of Mother's children on every occasion. Holy Mother makes the impossible possible. Though she accomplishes everything on her own, she delights in making her children feel that they play a role. Her children are liberated from anxiety,

 greed, pride, and hatred. This freedom fills their hearts with love, understanding, peace, and joy. In every thought, word, and action, they never forget the mantra, "I have a mama."


In the realm of motherhood, the Holy Mother, Sarada Devi, stands as a universal symbol of strength and inspiration. Her divine presence transcends boundaries and offers solace to all who seek it. By embracing her teachings and recognizing ourselves as her children, we unlock the tremendous power within us. As we repeat the mantra, "I have a mama," we feel her warm embrace and hear her whisper, "You are my child." In this bond, we find the courage, love, and understanding to navigate life's challenges with grace and fortitude.

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